"Invisible Jobs" - and how to land one!!!

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"Invisible Jobs" - and how to land one!!!

Post by Admin on Mon Feb 09, 2009 1:19 pm

Have you heard about the "invisible job market?"

Invisible jobs are those that may be open in a company, but are not being advertised. They can also be jobs that are not officially listed anywhere within the company, and are being considered. They may not even have a full job description attached to them, but only a general idea of the function and therefore, more flexibility with fitting the right person in a particular slot.

So . . . how do you find these invisible jobs?

Here are some techniques:

• Check on websites. Sometimes there are job listings there that will not be advertised anywhere else.

• Recruiters. Often, managers have ongoing relationships or contracts with recruiting firms, and tell them about "possible" openings. If the recruiter gets a resume in with the qualifications that match up to the potential opening, then more discussion will take place with the the manager who may have that opening. So don't discount good recruiters who may know about jobs that are not even official.

• Networking. Networking really is everything. Businesses are very open to recommendations from current employees. In fact, some businesses/corporations even give bonuses to employees who recommend a candidate who becomes a new hire.

• Cold calling. Ask to interview with key people in any company that typically has jobs that match up with your skills. You never know when that interview could lead to a call back.


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